He Made a Spreadsheet of Excuses His Wife Uses for No Sex. But, Wait! There’s More.

Most married men and women could probably create a spreadsheet of excuses given by their spouses. A spreadsheet of excuses for not doing their share of the chores. A spreadsheet of excuses for spending more money on themselves than was in the monthly budget. A spreadsheet of excuses for flirting with members of the opposite sex. The list can go on and on. However, to actually take the steps necessary to create such a spreadsheet is quite possibly one  for the dumbest things that you could do – especially if you would like to still remain married! Well, this idiot clearly didn’t get the memo.

You see, he decided to create a spreadsheet of excuses given by his wife whenever he would ask to have sex with her. Once again, the mere concept of this spreadsheet might be something to laugh about with your friends or even dream about whenever you are asleep. However, it is never something that you want to actually do. As if creating the spreadsheet of excuses wasn’t bad enough, he actually emailed it to his wife! WHAT?! 

She decided to post a screenshot of the spreadsheet on Reddit and it almost immediately went viral. When you see the level of detail that this idiot actually put into the spreadsheet of excuses, you will kind of feel sorry for him. If only he would have worked as hard as he did on this spreadsheet when it came to improving the quality of the relationship with his wife outside of the bedroom, he more than likely would not be having a problem inside of it. What do you think?




A spreadsheet of excuses. Wow!

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