Even Without CGI and Special Effects, He’d STILL Be a Superhero with Spider-Man Parkour

Even though there have been quite a few YouTube videos created over the past year of Spider-Man parkour routines, quite a few of them will more than likely go viral over the next week or so – especially with all of the buzz surrounding the US release of the blockbuster hit, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Even without a single sign of CGI animation or special effects, this video created and posted by Ronnie Street Stunts proves that Spidey would still be a superhero just by relying on Spider-Man parkour. He is still able to get around much faster than the average human on foot and do some amazing stunts in mid-air and on the top of buildings without his Spidey senses and web-slinging. Instead of crawling up walls, Spider-man parkour allows him to scale up walls -which is even more impressive. Enjoy!

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