Some of the Most Interesting Kendrick Lamar Facts You Perhaps Didn’t Know

Many people would admit that Kendrick is at the peak of his career. He can easily pass as the most lyrically potent rapper of my time, if we overlook what Nas was doing when at his prime. With this in mind, here are some interesting Kendrick Lamar facts that will get the love flowing as we wait for more amazing lyrics from this rap genius.

  1. He was a straight A student

We tend to think most rappers did not do well at school hence needed an alternative to make it in life. This wasn’t the case for Kendrick. He attended the same school as Dr. Dre, Centennial High School, Compton and scored straight As all along.

  1. Kendrick Lamar wasn’t always his stage name.

He started his career with a stage name, K. Dot. Sort of looks like Dr. Dre was his role model all along. He later reverted to the Kendrick Lamar we all know and love so much.

  1. Lady Gaga is a fan

This is not about Kendrick but it is worth a mention. Lady Gaga is officially one of the very best Lamar fan. You know how much having her for a fan means.

  1. Michael Jordan was a role model

When Lamar was young, he never had his eyes focused on rhymes. He wanted to be a basketball player. After stopping growing at 5’6’’ he had no option but to put his dreams through a different basket.

  1. Sugary cereal love

Kendrick loves cereals, well, not the healthy dull tasting cereal. No. the tasty sugary cereal that would get most dieters frowning whenever you pick it off a shelf.

  1. Dre Sought him out

While many musicians look for talented producers, Lamar’s deal with Dr. Dre went the other way round. His song, Ignorance is Bliss  from the Overly Dedicated mix tape go the attention of Dr. Dre hence his deal.

  1. He loves neo-soul

Even though we might think Kendrick is all about rap and energy, he admits that he is a toned down guy who loves listening to gentle neo-soul music from people like Erykah Badu.

  1. He doesn’t think voting is so democratic

Well, this is his opinion. He doesn’t vote since to him, politicians are just politicians. They rarely lead or bring any tangible change to the ‘man on the street’.

There always that single simple yet so important thing about our celebrities that we rarely know. We focus on what makes them famous rather than their life. Take a break from the norm and learning a couple of things about their life wouldn’t do us any harm. Would it?

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