Solving The Mystery Of Veronica Mars

Everyone loves a good mystery. It keeps you on your toes, on the edge as you wait to learn what happens next. Sometimes, the most elaborate mystery stories or TV shows would end without us understanding the actual solution to the mystery. Normally, we would have nothing against such a mystery. This could be why we still have nothing against the Veronica Mars mystery.


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With the last episode aired a couple of years ago (2007) we could safely conclude that all her mysteries came to an end. Each episode was a mystery on itself. Solving this wouldn’t be much of a task since the facts are few – and even if you don’t, you will know the solution as the episode comes to an end.


It is the season long, and perhaps entire show long mysteries that will get you glued to your screen in search for the true ending. Though the series didn’t come to an end, you could still use the novel to, Veronica Mars to help solve the mystery.


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If you are not a book guy, you would find the crowd funded movie (The collected the targeted $2 million in less than 10 hours and over $5 million for as long as the crowd funding ran) more welcoming. The movie premiered on March 2014.

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