SNL Gets Even More Racist with This Controversial ‘Black Jeopardy’ Sketch

If you did not think that SNL could get any more racist, you were only kidding yourself! It seems as if Saturday Night Live has gotten a lot more racist since they hired their first black actress since Maya Rudolph and hiring a few more black writers to add to their mostly white-and-Jewish staff. However, this “Black Jeopardy” has to clearly take the cake and is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Featuring “Alex Treblack” as the host, this Black Jeopardy sketch did not even focus on actual questions about black people – it just required the black contestants to ramble off random names while the white African-American studies professor became the real butt of the joke.  What did you think about this Black Jeopardy sketch? Classy and clever or controversial and cliche?

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