Single Ladies – As a Dramatic Monologue? This is Truly the Most Unique Beyonce Cover EVER!

Beyonce’s Hit Song, Single Ladies, Performed as Monologue

Single Ladies — as a dramatic monologue? REALLY?!

Hundreds and even thousands of people have covered Beyonce’s international hit, Single Ladies, in one way or another. Many have filmed themselves singing “Single Ladies” – men, women and children alike. Others have simply mocked the dancing choreography (such as the hilarious skit with Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live.) There have even been people that parodied the song and created goofy covers of the song as well. However, chances are you have never seen a cover like this before. Actress Nina Millin teamed up with Little BoBo to create this unique cover of this hit song as a dramatic monologue. When you hear some of the lyrics (without the fancy dance moves and catchy background music), you will realize the powerful message that is being delivered on its foundation. Single Ladies — an artistic masterpiece created by a lyrical genius and performed by one of the best female entertainers of this generation.


Single Ladies

Single Ladies – Dramatic Monologue?

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