Shocking Genetic Modification- Creation of Spider Goats

Genetic engineering brings a lot of horrific thoughts in one’s mind and with the researchers in Utah it certainly proves it odd.

Physically they resemble normal goats but when you look deeper at their genetic matter you will see that they are partly golden orb weaving spiders and partly goats. This has been a result of a unique Utah State University experiment.

The goats, lovingly known as spider goats, are the creation of Randy Lewis. Lewis is a professor of genetics at Utah State University, and comes from a long line of farmers.

Spider Goats- The creation of Randy Lewis who is a genetics professor at Utah State University

Why implant Spider DNA? “We’re interested in dragline silk—the silk that spiders catch themselves with when they fall,” Lewis told The Guardian.

Why implant the goats with spider DNA? "We're interested in dragline silk&mdash;the silk that spiders catch themselves with when they fall," Lewis told <em>The Guardian.</em>

It is believed to be stronger than Kevlar and has some top notch properties of a fiber.

Yes! These spider goats do produce Spider Silk!

That's right. These spider goats actually produce spider silk, but it's probably less gross than you think. Lewis and his team took the spider gene for dragline silk and placed it in the part of the goat's DNA that produces milk.

The milk they produce have spider-silk proteins and these can be processed in a lab.

When the spider goats lactate, their milk is full of spider-silk proteins. To get the actual silk, Lewis and his team need to process the milk in a lab.

Despite all odds, these are really cute and adorable.

Despite the fact that they're part-spider, these goats are actually pretty cute.

Only time will say what the future holds for these spider-goats.

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