Sharknado 2. If You Thought the First Movie Was Bad, You Don’t Know the Half of It!

Sharknado 2. The simple fact that they successfully made a sequel to the first Sharknado speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Most fans and critics will agree that Sharknado was so bad, it was actually kind of good. Actually, the fact that Sharknado was so bad just made you want to continue watching it just to see if it could get any worst. When the concept of Sharknado 2 was first announced, many people actually got excited because they knew that Sharknado 2 would provide them with yet another opportunity to laugh at just how bad this movie (and its growing franchise is). No matter how bad your day might be going, watching Sharknado will put a smile on your face. As you can see from this first official trailer of Sharknado 2, it seems as if the sequel is going to do the same exact thing. With a tag line like “Shark Happens,” you pretty much already know exactly what you can expect from Sharknado 2. This trailer just confirms what you already know. Enjoy!

"Sharknado 2. Shark Happens." SERIOUSLY?!

“Sharknado 2. Shark Happens.” SERIOUSLY?!

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