This Shark Attack Wasn’t Real, But She Didn’t Know the Truth Until It Was Too Late.

The Shark Attack was Fake. But Her Reaction Was Very Real.

Have you ever seen a shark attack heading straight for you? Probably not!

The mere sight alone would probably make you have a heart attack! Watching many of the viral videos that have been released in the past of near-death shark attacks have scared us even though we were nowhere near the water, right? Of course! Many people still watch shark attack movies, like Jaws, and panic whenever a shark attack occurs. This lady thought that she was visiting a shark tank exhibit at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC. Technically, she was — but the shark in the exhibit was not real at all. Instead of staring into a shark tank, she was actually staring at a high-definition screen that was hyper realistic! The shark is not real – but the way that she reacted after she saw the shark attack was very real. This shark attack video, which was shot and uploaded by Logan Riley, has been viewed more than 1.3 million times. Once you have seen the realistic shark attack for the first time, you will see exactly why that it is the case. Trust us! You might even want to think about visiting the International Spy Museum in the near future just so that you can get a glimpse of this shark attack firsthand on your own. Even though you have seen this video already, chances are that you will still react the same way that this lady did…or worse!


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