He Took a Selfie Everyday for Seven Years – But the Final Picture Will Blow You Away!

A Selfie Everyday for Seven Years? Really?

Did you ever think about taking a selfie everyday for seven years? Many people have a problem with taking a selfie everyday for a one-month challenge much less taking a selfie everyday for seven years. However, that is exactly what Hugo Cornellier did in this artistic and captivating video. Hugo was actually able to take a selfie of himself every single day for seven years – from the ages of 12 to 19. He then took all of those pictures and compiled them into this viral video that has been seen well over 1.2 million times.

It definitely does force you to think about what you do with your own selfie collection. We at QLTY CTRL have posted quite a few video selfie projects in recent months. For example, do you remember Rebecca Brown – the woman that decided to use her selfie project to document her emotional roller coaster that traveled through physical disorders and emotional/mental depression issues? Even though Hugo Cornellier did not really focus on any type of illnesses or even domestic violence within his selfie project, it should still make you think. If you were take a selfie everyday for seven years, what would you be able to find out about yourself when you finally looked at all of the pictures together? It’s an interesting point to consider, right? Food for thought.


selfie everyday

Hugo Cornellier – One Selfie a Day for 7 Years.

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