Yes, He is Only Three – But You’ll Think He’s Much Older When You See Him Dance!

This is probably one of the most adorable viral videos you will see all day long. It features a very small, cute and cuddly three-year old boy that was auditioning on the popular China’s Got Talent show. This precious little child was able to speak up for himself and stand before hundreds of people and celebrity judges as if he was a professional at doing so. As part of his act, he gave the judges a remote control that would allow them to control his “baby” boombox so that he could perform “random” dances whenever they felt the need to switch the song. When the judges were able to see him dance, they were all blown away by him — including martial artist and actor Jet Li. When you see him dance, your jaw might just hit the floor. We want to thank Drama Fever for posting this particular video that has already been watched well over 9 million times!

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