See Chris Farley Again as Matt Foley in This New Video

If you are a fan of the late, great Chris Farley or the classic years of Saturday Night Live, then you more than likely are a huge fan of Matt Foley – motivational speaker.

When  Chris Farley first debuted Matt Foley on Saturday Night Live, none of the other actors could stay in character and the audience could not stop laughing. It was absolutely hilarious then and is still just as funny right now. What many people don’t realize, though, is that the Matt Foley character was actually created by Chris Farley during his time with the famous improvisational group known as The Second City. Recently, a video of his Second City performance was released online so we have a chance to see the very first sketch of Matt Foley — even before Chris Farley entered our living rooms through Saturday Night Live years later. Enjoy!

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