Here is the Secret to Why James Harden Plays So Well

James Harden has been able to take the Houston Rockets to a whole new level of gameplay since he first joined the team after leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder. Many people have been trying to figure out exactly why he has been playing so well. Our experts at Qlty Ctrl have been able to confirm why that is the case.

James Harden is a beast. Enough said. On the Oklahoma City Thunder, he had not really found his groove yet – primarily because he had been put on the shelf as a bench-warmer for far too long. If Oklahoma City would have given James Harden the spotlight that he needed to have when they should have, he would’ve brought Oklahoma a championship instead of allowing Miami to steal it from them. However, lesson learned. Now, James Harden is able to let his light shine completely as a franchise player in Houston alongside Dwight Howard and Chandler Parsons — scoring a season high 43 points in only 3 quarters of play recently. Wow! THAT is the secret. What do you think?

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