Scarlett Johansson is a New Type of Drug Mule in The Lucy Trailer

Ever since Luc Besson created the cult classic, “The Fifth Element,” in the late 90s, his fans and critics have been waiting for him to create another sci-fi story that matches its realism and futuristic creativity combined with a leading female heroine. Based on the new Lucy trailer, it is apparently clear that this is the movie for which we have been waiting for almost two decades.

Scarlett Johansson starts off her journey as a drug mule with a revolutionary package of drugs surgically placed within her. However, when the package starts leaking, it changes her forever – allowing her to use more and more of her brain capacity as the leak worsens. This Lucy trailer is filled with action and will definitely prove that Scarlett is capable of doing whatever she wants to do on the big screen.

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