Say ‘Hi’ To Some of the Smartest Dogs in History

There are some of the smartest dogs in history that you may not even know about. Let’s say “hi” to some of them.

  1. Congratulate these dogs who just graduated and received their Ph.D.s from the University of Oxford.

These dogs who graduated with Ph.D.s in philosophy from the University of Oxford.

  1. Say Hi to the Current CIA Agent whose internet hacking skills put her on the market.

This dog whose internet hacking skills landed her a job in the CIA.

  1. This dog has read the entire library’s selection … in under a year.

This dog who finished The Iliad and Odyssey all in one sitting.

  1. The creators of the technology to innovate selfie-production.

These dogs who invented new, state of the art selfie technology.

  1. Yes – this is the dog who won the chess championship.

This dog who holds the record for most global chess championships.

See – even these adorable creatures have hilarious backstories that are unforgettable.

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