These Guys Went to the San Diego Comic-Con Dressed Up as the Dynamic Duo — Of a Quentin Tarantino Flick!

San Diego Comic-Con. A convention above all conventions – especially throughout the California area. There were so many different things that were revealed over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. However, in addition to the new movie trailers and newly released costumes of upcoming superheroes, thousands of fans flock to these events in order to get a good look at all of the attendees that decide to dress up as their favorite comic book, novel and movie characters. Star Wars. Marvel. DC superheroes. That is usually what you find — but these guys broke the mold by providing something that was just a little bit different. Instead of dressing up as Batman and Robin at the San Diego Comic-Con they decided to dress up as the dynamic duo of Quentin Tarantino movies. Not all movies – the movie that skyrocketed Quentin Tarantino into the Academy Award spotlight….PULP FICTION. 

We definitely want to thank the Reddit user that uploaded this amazing picture on Reddit for thousands of people to enjoy almost immediately! These were the roles that cemented Samuel L. Jackson as being the baddest brother in the land that you never want to mess with. It seems as if many of his most memorable movie roles came after this role. It was also the movie that resurrected John Travolta’s failing movie career (at least until Battlefield Earth killed it again.) Therefore, even though you normally wouldn’t see any Pulp Fiction characters at an event like the San Diego Comic-Con, these guys decided to dress up as these leading roles!


San Diego Comic-Con

Pulp Fiction meets San Diego Comic-Con

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