20 Years Later, Samuel L. Jackson STILL Remembers This Pulp Fiction Speech!

Samuel L. Jackson has been able to accomplish so much in the past several decades of his acting career – including an abundance of memorable acting roles that honestly no one could have done better than Samuel L. Jackson himself! (He played a black Jedi master for crying out loud) However, one of his most memorable roles has to be from the critically-acclaimed cult classic Pulp Fiction. Samuel L. Jackson played a philosophical henchman that was known for reciting a Scriptural passage from Ezekiel 25:17 frequently in a dramatic yet bone-chilling tone that no one can do better than Samuel L. Jackson himself. During a recent visit to his BBC series, Graham Norton asked Samuel L. Jackson to perform this bone-chilling speech once again – and he was able to deliver it 20 years later in an even scarier way than before! If you don’t believe us, all you have to do is watch the video for yourself and find out.

Whether you are a fan of this Quentin Tarantino-directed film or not truly does not matter. You may not have even seen the movie at all! If that is the case, here is everything you need to know. Before Samuel’s character would use his gun out of “righteous indignation” on one of his victim’s, he would recite this particular scripture from the Bible book of Ezekiel. What is scary is that Samuel L. Jackson is able to recite this Scripture even scarier than he did when filming the movie 20 years ago!

Don’t Mess with Samuel L. Jackson

The bottom line is that whether he is acting or not…the last person you want to mess with is Samuel L. Jackson.

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