The Screen of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Will Spank the Apple iPhone – Here’s Why!

The Samsung Galaxy S 5 – the reason why so many Apple iPhone users are sweating bullets. The screen size alone of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 is extremely impressive! In this hilarious commercial released by Samsung Mobile, they are clearly poking fun at the fact that what Apple iPhone users have been waiting for from Apple, Samsung has already given to their customers within the Samsung Galaxy S 5. What do you think? Has the Apple iPhone finally been burned out and beaten at its own game – a game that it legitimately started over a decade ago? Even though Samsung had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits and settlement costs to Apple over the years for copyright infringement, the Samsung Galaxy S 5 proves that sometimes you have to spend millions to make billions! If you aren’t experiencing at least a little screen envy from the Samsung Galaxy S 5 after watching this viral commercial, that is simply because you already own one and do not need to be envious.


Samsung Galaxy S 5

Do you have a little bit of “screen envy” over the Samsung Galaxy S 5?

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