Sam Smith Covers “How Will I Know” Better than Whitney Houston Ever Could!

Sam Smith recently covered “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston in a way that would make Whitney cry tears of joy if she was still alive to hear it. Keep in mind that Whitney Houston was known for a vast collection of hits throughout her lengthy career and life and the last person you probably would ever be able to cover such an energetic and high-pitched classic as “How Will I Know” is Sam Smith. However, what Sam Smith did to the song during a recent Sirius XM showcase to truly make it his own is what was most impressive. Unlike many other covers that approach songs like karoake, Sam Smith changed the pitch, tone and overall emotions flowing within the song. You are basically going to be hearing “How Will I Know” in a way that you have never heard it before and you can thank the very-talented Sam Smith for making that happen.

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