Chances Are You Have Never Thought an Armadillo Was Cute – Until You Saw THIS One!

A Cute Armadillo? Does Such a Thing Even Exist?

When you see a cute animal video, chances are that the animal featured in the video is not an armadillo. However, that is all about to change when you actually take a moment to watch this cute and adorable video from Animal Moments. You see, they were able to introduce you to Rollie the three-banded creature that enjoys playing with each of his toys. Even though you probably hate looking at an armadillo in real life, the odds are that you are going to change your mind as soon as you meet Rollie! This video about Rollie is going to more than likely make you appreciate all different types of creatures – especially after you take a few moments to realize exactly what in the world is going on. Even if a creature is not really pretty or attractive as a panda or butterfly, it still deserves to be loved. Rollie the armadillo has taught us a very important about life – love is blind and even the ugliest creatures in the world can showcase their beauty. Keep in mind that this video was first posted earlier this year – a little more than two months ago in May. However, thank to the recent boosting that it has received online from a number of different websites (including QLTY CTRL), it has been seen over 300,000 times. Enjoy!



Meet Rollie the Armadillo

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