Yankees Fans Might Want to Boo Robinson Cano – But These Fans Couldn’t Do It to His Face

Robinson Cano, former New York Yankee 2nd baseman, is definitely not the most favored person in New York right now. It wasn’t a week ago since he last played in the Yankee stadium with a Seattle Mariners uniform on.  When he first left the Yankees 10 years ago, New York definitely hated him — even though he left for Seattle and a 10-year multi-million dollar contract. Jimmy Fallon wanted to get the honest reaction of New Yorkers, so he decided to have them boo and heckle at a cardboard cut-out of Robinson Cano. What these honest Yankees fans did not know, however, was that the real Robinson Cano was listening to them right behind the actual cutout. You have to see the way that they reacted – and how those reactions changed almost immediately after meeting the real Robinson Cano.

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