Robin Williams: His Very Best Monologue Was as Sean Maguire in This Scene

Robin Williams. There are so many different articles, blogs and videos circulating throughout the information superhighway about Robin Williams, especially since he committed suicide Monday. Many of those articles and videos are paying tribute to the most memorable roles and performances of Robin’s career. We at QLTY CTRL want to shine a special spotlight on the memorable performance that won Robin Williams an Academy Award. That’s right – mentor, professor and profound friend filled with inspiration Sean Maguire in the Matt Damon movie, Good Will Hunting.

When you think of Good Will Hunting, there are several scenes that you might think about as being the very best and most memorable scenes of the film — (1) The moment when Matt Damon first walked towards the chalkboard, (2) the moment when Matt Damon recited the fake names of his brothers with a heavy Boston accent to Minnie Driver twice and (3) this scene on the park bench when Matt Damon received the most empowering wake-up call and life lesson within just a few minutes from Sean Maguire on a park bench. In honor of Robin Williams and his passing, take a few moments to enjoy the power of this performance yet again.


Robin Williams

Robin Williams as Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting.

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