Robin Thicke Airs His Dirty Laundry in New Music Video, “Get Her Back”

Robin Thicke seems to be continuing to dig an even deeper hole for himself. We are still not quite sure if any of it is a publicity stunt or not, especially since his estranged wife (Paula Patton) seems to be getting more attention now than ever before. If she ever did decide to take Robin Thicke back, she went simply drift back into celebrity oblivion and become one step closer to joining a reality television series. However, Robin Thicke is clearly very adamant about trying to get her back, which is what you can clearly see from his new single, “Get Her Back.” In the music video, Robin Thicke clearly has been “beating himself up” – which is visually represented by the black eye and blood. However, what is even more appealing is the abundance of text messages and blurbs that pop up on the screen. Even though there is no way to prove it, it  appears that the text messages were between Robin and Paula. What do you think? The song, “Get Her Back” is primarily focused on just that – Robin trying everything he could to get her back. However, is airing out your dirty laundry this much going to get her back or push her farther away? What do you think?

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