Robert De Niro Finally Talks About His Gay Dad – And You Won’t Believe What He Had to Say!

Robert De Niro protected his artistic father’s legacy for years – only speaking highly of him and the artistic influence that played an instrumental role in Robert’s life as he progressively crafted his own art for acting. Recently, however, Robert De Niro has decided to honor his father in a much different way — by outing him to the rest of the world. Many people may not have known that the father of Robert De Niro was actually an artist. In a new HBO documentary, Robert De Niro takes the time to talk about his love and respect for his father — who was also gay. Since the news of Robert’s gay dad first hit the Internet, it has skyrocketed his name and his father’s work into the world of viral media – which is why we are showcasing it today. What do you think?

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