Roaming Focus Ep. 3 – Hashtaggin’

We absolutely dig the work that the Toronto natives at Roaming Focus are producing. The content is fresh, the photography is excellent, and the video-work is well thought out and professional. There latest episode (3) is called “Hashtaggin”. Mike Palmer takes a look into the reality of the art form known as graffiti. The beauty of graffiti and what Hashtaggin’ so beautifully displays is that it can turn a once dull and ordinary building into something special. There are many negative and stereotypical assumptions about graffiti artists; this short film will hopefully break those assumptions. Check out Hashtaggin’ and if you enjoyed the video, check out the rest of their videos here. You can also add them on Facebook here and Twitter here. Enjoy!

Here’s a description of the video directly from the Roaming Focus Youtube channel: Roaming Focus teams up with local Toronto graffiti artists to transform a building from an eye sore to a public piece of art.

Featuring: Lace & Falk of Tandem Art Papa Rock & Big Daddy Simcoe of UNC/Dying Breed

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