Reasons Why Crossfit Athlete Neal Maddox is Intagram’s MVP

With the opening of the Crossfit Games earlier this year, let’s take a peek at one of their best sportsman– Neal Maddox. From his chiseled face down to his rock hard abs, women are swooned by his charming good looks. But besides those, this  37-year old athletic buff still has a lot more to offer. Here are four of them.

  • Did you know that he was already training to be fit—doing “push-ups and sit-ups”—at the age of 9?! Incredibly awesome right. Even more, he was doing these in his own bedroom. As a kid he, he was inspired by his buff uncles that’s why he wanted to equal them as well.

  • Not surprisingly, he was also a college jock. He was a previous Division II collegiate football athlete. Maddox was playing for the San Jose Sabercats team.

  • He has his own Crossfit Extreme Athletics in San Jose California! And he has the goal to “[assist] people of all types and skill levels to integrate the culture of Crossfit and a healthy lifestyle into their everyday lives”!

  • He absolutely loves dogs! Look at him cuddle that pooch!

  • Lastly, he is a man of DEDICATION! Upon entering Crossfit, he had a change of belief—from a ‘football mentality’ to a ‘Crossfit Mentality’. Now he asserts that “…there’s more to this whole scene than just me.”

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