Real Homeless Man Changes How You Look at Panhandlers with a Simple Makeover

One Real Homeless Man Changes the Way You Look at Homeless People!

This real homeless man experiment is going to completely change the way that you look at homeless people and panhandlers forever. You see, Joseph Costello from the viral YouTube channel known as Quiet Assassins was able to conduct a social experiment that involved Sandy (a real homeless man) begging for change in two different ways. First, he was able to beg for change from passerby citizens in his usual attire — dirty clothes, shaggy hair, etc. However, the second time around, he got a fresh haircut and a new business suit. The response to this real homeless man is absolutely overwhelming – especially when you see just how many people paid him in his suit and how many ignored him and wouldn’t even give him direct eye contact otherwise. Wow!


real homeless man

A person’s appearance DOES change everything!

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