This is Not a Hoax – Strangers Really DO Share a First Kiss in THIS Video

You more than likely have already heard that the first kiss video showcased earlier this week was actually a hoax. However, it was one of the most successful hoaxes of the year thus far because that video (which was actually a commercial) turned into a viral video almost immediately after being posted.

However, this video is a legitimate slap in the face for whoever did that video. Kobe Ilsen of the hit TV show in Belgim, “VOLT,” decided to take the same concept and make it authentic by recreating the video without any actors or models. He truly did want to find out exactly how many strangers on the street would be willing to share a first kiss and make out with each other on film.  Unlike the other video, the people that shared a first kiss in this video really did look like they were getting into it — like REAL people would in this situation!

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