Pouring Beer with Your Hand is Old News. THIS Guy Can Pour Beer with His Forehead!

That’s right – he can pour beer with his forehead! Keep in mind that you may have seen a number of different drinking games (like Flip Cup) and drinking tricks in the past either at the local bar or even at your friend’s house. But, chances are that you have never seen a guy that can pour beer with his forehead…until now. While making a regular pit stop at the Holy City Brewing in Charleston, South Carolina, this guy (William) was able to use his forehead to create enough suction to actually pour beer directly from it. Can you even imagine being this guy as he decides to pour beer with his forehead? How in the world did he even figure out he had such a “unique” talent in the first place? Was he just hanging around the house one day, trying to decide what to do with a beer bottle instead of touching it with his hands? Perhaps he is an alcoholic that decided to pour beer with his forehead because his hands were getting tired. However or whatever caused him to learn to master this trick doesn’t matter. What matters is that he is becoming a viral star on YouTube because of it! Bottoms up!

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