As Soon as He Found Out the Police Shot His Dog, The Way He Reacted Surprised Them All

The police shot his dog while he was at work. However, as soon as he heard about it, Sean Kendall rushed to the scene to do a little investigation of his own. In most cases, a dog (or any type of pet) would need to directly attack the officer in order for such an action to be taken. Even in those extreme cases, technology has provided the average police officer with more than enough advanced weapons and devices that can be used to sedate or shock the dog and diffuse the attack without having to risk the dog’s life in the process.

The police shot his dog...and did nothing about it.

The police shot his dog…and did nothing about it.

However, these police officers clearly did not care that one of their very own shot his dog – as you can see from this footage leaked by The Salt Lake Tribune of the questioning that Sean Kendall did as soon as he arrived. Police brutality is still a major issue, especially throughout the US.  Yesterday, we posted a viral video of a cop that was pulled over by a trucker for speeding on wet roads while talking on his cell phone. Today, this viral video focuses on police officers that felt as if shooting the dog (who did nothing to either one of them) was justified. Where does it end? They shot his dog and felt no remorse for it. Who do you think they will shoot next?

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