Pika! Pika! It’s Pikachu!

Created by Satoshi Sajiri in 1995, Pokemon has long become a worldwide phenomenon. With hundreds of different Pocket Monsters, we took one of the most amazing–Pikachu! Ash Ketchum’s best bud has captivated the hearts of both the young and old alike.

This time we take you to the most fascinating Pikachu gifs ever made!

1. Here Pikachu and Togapi are having fun putting on party hats.

2. Pikachu and Squirtle gets ready for a head-on battle.

3. The adorable one just got thirsty.

4. Ouch! Pikachu lashes at another Pikachu.

5. After some slapping, it’s nice to rub one’s cheeks.

6.  Yum! This cute one is does not want to share.

7. Seems like everyone can’t get enough of the cuteness.

8. Bruised and weary this lovable one is carried by Ash. How endearing…

9.  Oh no, Pikachu’s lightning fast!

10. You just can’t help but leak a bit, too.

11. How adorable is this?!

12. Raichu seems to have been bedazzled by something!

13. Who has left this little one alone?

14. Must be after bathing…

15. Ash and Misty’s pokemons dance together!

16. What positivity!

17. Slow down, you might get hurt!

18. Taking a nap together.

19. Wondering about something?

20. Oshawott befriends Pikachu, too.


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