You Don’t Need Game to Pick Up Ladies. You Just Need This Lamborghini.

For years, you have may have thought that you need to have a lot of game and know how to woo ladies (or gentlemen) with your words and looks in order to get them interested in you. This hilarious prank video proves that you were absolutely wrong and have been absolutely wrong for years. You see, Vitalyzd decided to create this prank video to see if someone could pick up ladies just by driving a fancy car. The catch is that the man driving was not allowed to say a single word at all. He basically just had to use the Lamborghini provided in the prank video to woo the women and get them to hop in the car with him. The mere concept of using a Lamborghini to pick up ladies without words, game or even good looks might be a foreign concept to many that is difficult to believe or even to understand. However, this viral video makes it crystal clear that it’s the truth. Besides, anyone that think that you can’t pick up ladies just by driving a Lamborghini clearly has never driven a Lamborghini.

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