Pharrell Williams Debuts More Hats in the ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Video

It seems as if Pharrell Williams may have hit a PR jackpot when it comes to his infamous Grammy hat that looks like it came straight from a Smokey the Bear PSA for forest fire prevention. No matter where you see him nowadays, he is wearing this hat. On all of his red carpet appearances since the Grammy Awards, he has been seen wearing this hat. He wore it during his performance of the international hit, “Happy.” He even wore it to the Coachella Festival. Pharrell Williams has definitely created a new fashion trend, especially since other celebrities and fans are wearing either similar hats or the same exact one. Well, Pharrell Williams clearly found a major supplier of these hats because he debuts them in different colors throughout his newest music video for the hit single, “Marilyn Monroe.” Love it or hate it – this hat is clearly here to stay so deal with it. Keep doing your thing, Pharrell Williams! We’ll support you….at least by buying your music and watching your videos.

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