The Peterson Farm Bros Want You to Know ‘All I Do is Farm’ – By Rapping About It!

“All I Do is Farm.”

That is the statement that the Peterson Farm brothers want you to clearly know and remember from this viral video. In the past, the Peterson Farm brothers have been able to use their love for farming as the subject of a number of different rap songs. Instead of covering the Frozen song, “Let It Go” (which has already been covered like a billion times), they decided to go back a little bit to the hit T-Pain and DJ Khaled song, “All I Do is Win” by remixing it into “All I Do is Farm.” The beat is the same as the original rap song, but the lyrics will teach you a lot about farming, daily duties associated with farming and the long-term value of farming that is under-appreciated and overlooked by millions of people around the world. Even though you might start to dance to “All I Do is Farm” and may even find yourself rapping along with the Peterson Farm brothers at one point or another, it is clear that they wanted you to walk away from this viral video actually appreciating farmers and the hard work that they do throughout the year a little more than you did before you started watching it. “ALL I DO IS FARM” is definitely one of those viral videos that entertains and educates all at the same time. What do you think?


All I Do is Farm

All I Do is Farm. Eat your heart out, T-Pain!

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