Peter Griffin Has Been Impersonated Before, But This Guy Actually BECOMES Him.

He BECAME Peter Griffin.

Even if you are not a huge fan of Family Guy or Seth MacFarlane, chances are that you have at least heard of Peter Griffin, right? He has been impersonated by so many different people, including Mikey Bolts and even one guy that added Peter’s voice to his list of 29 celebrity impressions in an original song. However, this guy actually became Peter Griffin at the 2014 Allentown Comic-Con convention. When he was allowed to get on stage and perform his own stand-up routine in character completely as Peter Griffin, Albotas made sure that he captured the entire routine on video and doing so allowed him to create this highly popular viral video.  Seth MacFarlane, if you are out there and watching this, you need to figure out a way to get in contact with this guy because he has made one of your most popular animated characters come to life. Think about all of the other viral impersonation videos that you have seen before in the past on YouTube. You might have liked many of them, especially if they were able to nail his voice. However, this guy didn’t just nail the voice. He nailed the look, the personality, the laugh and the mannerisms of this character. It is for that reason that he is not a Peter Griffin impersonator. This guy is Peter Griffin.


Peter Griffin

He IS Peter Griffin. Enough said.

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