He Was Trapped Between a Platform and Perth Train – Until People Power Freed Him!

The Beauty of People Power!

People power can do some amazing things – especially in the state of an emergency. Think about all of the wonderful things that people power has been able to accomplish in times of natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other times of tragedy. Well, a group of absolute strangers were able to harness people power yet again in Perth, Australia recently when a man became trapped between a Perth train and the platform.

After the staff tried to free him on their own after completely bringing the train to a stop and halting all travel until the man was freed, they realized that they needed a lot of help. To speed things along, it seems as if everyone that was waiting for the train on that platform all chipped in to push the train far enough away from the platform that the man was freed. That’s right! People power freed this man from a seemingly impossible situation and the footage of this memorable and heartwarming act of massive kindness was captured by the security camera at the train station and uploaded to YouTube by ABC News Australia. Beautiful, isn’t it?


people power

Amazing what a little people power can do!


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