Not Many Drummers Can Pull This Off, But Patrick Wilson from Weezer Did It Beautifully!

There are not many drummers that can multi-task and perform different tricks while on stage during a set. However, a select few drummers are able to really impress you by playing great music and adding a few tricks to get the crowd going wild along the way. Think about all of the tricks that Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed during his drum battle against Will Ferrell. It looks like we can add yet another amazing drum performance to that list thanks to Patrick Wilson from the popular band, Weezer. During a recent performance on stage, someone tossed a Frisbee at Patrick Wilson. He could have stopped playing all together in order to catch the Frisbee. On the other hand, Patrick Wilson could have just dodged the Frisbee entirely in order to focus on the Weezer performance. However, what he did was absolutely amazing! As you can see in this short video clip from Dem Videos, Patrick Wilson from Weezer was actually able to catch the Frisbee while playing the drums without skipping a beat (pun intended). How many drummers do you know can pull that off?

Can YOU catch a Frisbee and play the drums at the same time?

Can YOU catch a Frisbee and play the drums at the same time?

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