This Idiot Actually Stood on a Train Track and Let a Passing Train Hit Him in the Head

Meet Jared Michael. Even though this clip is very short, it is long enough for you to see that this guy is an absolute idiot. How so? He was apparently trying to take a selfie of himself by standing a safe distance away from a train track as a train passed. As you can see from the video, though, he wasn’t nearly as far away from the passing train as he thought — especially since this passing train ended up hitting him in the head on film.  All he could say was, “Wow! That guy kicked me in the head!” Yes…Jared Michael, congratulations for two reasons. One, you now have a viral video – with over 5.5 million views in 1 day! Second, you’ve shown to over five million people that you are an idiot. Whoever was driving the passing train, congratulations – you’ve earned 10,000 bonus points!

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