Our favourite moments from Justified

Justified is back. As we all expect, Raylan Givens will have guns pointed at someone, just that we don’t know who it will be. Since we can just but speculate on what is to come, there is no better way to preparing for each new episode than reliving some of the best Justified moments ever. Here are our most favourite.

Working together over heated antagonism

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We all love a story with strong antagonism and a heated feud. Justified gives us this by pitting Raylan against the religious Boyd Crowder. Even though the two men hate each other with a passion, they still came together in Season 1 to vanquish a common enemy. This is an exemplary show of clear mindedness over the red of passionate hatred.

Raylan vs his father

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There is a time when Arlo, his father, is talked into killing him. During the ensuing battle, Raylan shoots his father to disarm him, not to kill. By understanding how much Arlo hates Raylan and what a loose cannon Raylan can be, it is quite a sight to see him feel pity for the old man and not kill him. Well, they live on, but they still antagonize each other.

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