Old Man Throws His Canes Away on the Dance Floor. What Happened Next Will Shock You!

When you normally see an old man with canes at a party, chances are that they are sitting down most of the time – enjoying the experience of watching everyone else on the dance floor instead. That clearly was not good enough for this old man, because he decided to get out on the dance floor anyway. When this old man throws his canes away on the dance floor, you might feel a little worried for him at first. However, you will quickly notice that he can bust a move, cut a rug  and get down with his funky self just fine without them. The title of the video is “Eternamente Joven” which translates into “Forever Young.” While you watch as this old man throws his canes away just to dance, you will realize just how perfectly matched that title is with this video. Keep in mind that it has already been shared over 350,000 times since first being posted on Facebook over the weekend.


old man throws away canes

This old man clearly didn’t need his canes to bust a move, did he?

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