This Old Dog is Not Scared Very Easily – Unless It is a Sneaking Lion That Wants to Scare Him!

You’d React the Same Way to a Sneaking Lion!

If you were frightened by a sneaking lion, you would have done the same exact thing as this old dog! Keep in mind that the sneaking lion is just a cub (for now) but that didn’t stop the old dog from reacting as if it was an adult lion on the prowl! When you first see this video, you might even become a little confused just by the simple fact that the sneaking lion cub is even able to walk near these dogs in the first place. However, this footage was actually captured by Shaun Swingler at the Cornellskop Animal Training Farm and has already been watched on YouTube more than 2.3 million times in just the first three days of being posted online.

sneaking lion

You would have been just as scared as this dog!

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