Even an Old Dog Has Nightmares. Fortunately, His Puppy Was There to Comfort Him.

Did you know that old dog has nightmares, too? Most of us have had nightmares in the middle of the night as humans that are extremely scary. We might rely on our spouses, siblings and even parents to comfort us when these nightmare occur – reminding us that they are not real and that we are okay. Well, when this old Golden Retriever experienced nightmares on this particular evening, his Golden retriever puppy was the one that comforted him. Fortunately, Ariel Goodman was able to capture the entire thing on video. The video is actually several months old (it was originally posted in March), but it just now starting to go viral. What do you think? Don’t you wish that you had the same cute puppy to help comfort you during your nightmares?


What a great puppy!

What a great puppy!

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