Ohio State Police Officer Parks in Handicap Spot? You Won’t Believe His Reason for Doing So!

Clearly, The Law Does Not Apply to this Ohio State Police Officer.

Don’t you just love it when someone that clearly does not need to park in the handicap spot of any parking lot does so anyway? It’s as if they simply feel as if the law does not apply to them, right? Well, that is exactly how this Ohio State Police officer feels – or that is at least how it seemed when he got caught red-handed breaking the law. You see, Reddit user I_Am_A_Funny_Guy took a picture of this Ohio State Police officer parked directly in a handicap spot with his work truck. When asked whether or not he would give himself a ticket, the Ohio State Police officer quickly responded by saying that he was “too lazy” to walk any farther – which is exactly why he parked where he did. The Ohio State Police officer then asked the photographer to give him a break for making a mistake and quickly drove off. Wow!



Ohio State Police

This Ohio State Police officer should know better…right?


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