This Official ANT-MAN Poster from Comic-Con Will Get You Excited in Five Seconds or Less!


Maybe you have heard of him. Maybe you have not. That doesn’t really matter now, because the world is going to know all about Ant-Man in July of 2015.

That is simply because it is finally his turn at bat within the Marvel movie universe. Spider-Man has had two franchises. Most of the Avengers have had at least two movies made about them individually so far. Now, Marvel has given him the opportunity to shine. You might have thought that they were a little crazy to allow Paul Rudd to step into the shoes of this comic book legend. However, you won’t feel that way any longer once you have taken a look at the first official Ant-Man movie poster from Comic-Con.

You get an up close and personal look at Ant-Man in his complete attire with a great side profile shot in the background of Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. Once again, you might not have any idea who Ant-Man is or what Ant-Man can do. The only people that probably know anything about Ant-Man are the fans that actually read the comic books instead of just waited for the TV cartoons or movie premieres. Those are the people that are overly excited to see this picture. Don’t worry — you’ll get there.  Why? Because it is almost guaranteed that you will want to learn as much as you can within the first five seconds of looking at this Ant-Man poster. Try to prove us wrong…and you will fail!




The Ant-Man movie will be in theaters a lot sooner than you think.

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