President Obama Reveals Plans to Create Iron Man in Real Life

President Obama recently stated in an official White House press conference something that should excite comic book fans around the world. He revealed that the White House has gathered a wide variety of the nation’s best scientists, lab technicians and inventors in order to build a superhero — Iron Man. This is not a spoof or a parody. As you can see from the video, President Barack Obama is definitely the person that is revealing this information. Sure…President Obama later says that it is “not really” going to happen. Or is it? Do you think that Iron Man is actually being built somewhere in an underground lab in Washington DC? Is President Obama going to become the new Iron Man – or Iron Patriot since Don Cheadle did such a horrible job at it?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Clever joke...or underground secret?

Clever joke…or underground secret?

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