This Epic Prank Required Them to Open a Day Spa – On a NYC Subway Platform!

Would You Go to a Day Spa — On a Subway Platform?

Thousands of people visit the NYC subway platform every single day. If you have ever visited the NYC subway platform before in the past, then you more than likely already know that the chances of you seeing something absolutely random are very high! Singers, musicians, aspiring actors and standard panhandlers are just some of the types of things that you will encounter when you visit the NYC subway platform. Improv Everywhere decided to introduce something brand new to the NYC subway platform that you commonly won’t see in most public places – a day spa!

That’s right. A day spa! Led by none other than Charlie Todd himself, Improv Everywhere was able to attract so much attention – and even willing volunteers – by opening this day spa on one of the hottest and humid days in the NYC subway platform. Hilarious!


subway platform

Enjoy your time at this subway spa!

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