If You Are Not a Toddler, Then You Should Not Be Doing ANY of These Things!

There Are Certain Things You Should NEVER Do.

If you are not a toddler, then there is a wide variety of things that you should never do – such as cry and whine about every little thing the way that a toddler does. There are plenty of things that if you did as a adult (not a toddler), you would look absolutely foolish! Tripp and Tyler decided to explore the world of things that people should never do if they are not a toddler simply because of how weird everything will get almost immediately.Even if you do not want to admit it right off, you probably have thought about what it would be like to try a few of these things as an adult in public. Once you watch this hilarious video about what you should never do if you are not a toddler, you will never have to question it again.


not a toddler

You should NEVER do these things if you are NOT a toddler

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