Nina Dobrev: Cryptic Instagram Post Shows She’s on the Brink of Suicide (PHOTOS)

‘Nina Dobrev’ Commits Suicide – The Writing’s On the Wall.

No, Nina Dobrev has not committed suicide…yet. But the writing’s clearly on the wall.

Nina Dobrev

Is Nina Dobrev on the brink of suicide?


After spending several years being the lover of Ian Somerhalder on and off screen, it appears that Nina Dobrev is still very sour about their breakup and the way things ended. You might see Nina Dobrev smiling on the red carpet, but she is clearly very jealous, envious and basically pissed off over the fact that Ian Somerhalder is now happily in love with actress Nikki Reed. Instead of focusing on moving on and possibly finding love in a brand new chapter of her book of life, Nina Dobrev has decided to join the world of celebrities posting loaded, cryptic messages on their social media profiles.

Recently, on her Instagram page, Nina Dobrev posted this short poem as a cryptic picture message:


I give, you take. I break, you fake. PITY. I bleed. You dive in deep into my blood as thick as syrup. Tell me – are you a mosquito?


What do you think? Doesn’t this spell “SUICIDE” to you? The saddest part is that (as you can see from the pictures below) Nina Dobrev is definitely not an ugly woman. She is young, talented, rich and beautiful. Nina Dobrev has her whole life ahead of her, but refuses to let go of her past. So sad!



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