What Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Did for These Kids Will Touch Your Heart

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are known for being one of the most powerful celebrity couples that are still together in the world – especially within their home continent of Australia. Keith Urban has been known for recording hit songs and releasing hit albums in addition to being one of the most popular judges on American Idol for the last two seasons. In addition to her extensive career on the big screen as an Oscar-winning actress, Nicole Kidman has also done a lot of good for her community – giving back to the children of Australia whenever she is able to do so as her way of paying it forward. Over the weekend, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were able to join forces to give back to the community in a very small way that made a major impact – singing to sick children in a Melbourne hospital. It is truly good to know that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban find ways to not only make themselves happy in their marriage but also find ways to make others that are less fortunate than them happy as well.

Keith Urban Nicole Kidman

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