Nicki Minaj: 10 Pictures That Prove She is a Beautiful Actress – Even When She’s Not Half-Naked

Nicki Minaj. Enough Said.

Nicki Minaj has definitely been generating a lot of buzz for herself recently in more ways than one. First, her controversial and racy cover art for her “Anaconda” single was released last week and sent the world of social media into a frenzy! Then, she was featured on the Flawless remix with none other than Beyonce Knowles. Today, Nicki Minaj finally released the highly-anticipated “Anaconda” single on iTunes. In most cases, people seem to think about Nicki Minaj primarily for those types of scandalous pictures when she is almost completely naked (or wearing a G-string that leaves very little to the imagination.) Here are 10 pictures of Nicki Minaj that remind you that she is a beautiful woman even when she is not half naked.


You have to love NIcki Minaj!

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